IFHE-- Region of the Americas





Founded in Fribourg, Switzerland in 1908, The International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) celebrated its XXI World Congress in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2008. IFHE is an International Non Governmental Organization (INGO) having consultative status with the United Nations and with the Council of Europe. The goal of IFHE is the improvement in the quality of everyday life for individuals, families and households through the management of their resources. The IFHE is headquartered in Bonn, Germany with five regional organizations--Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas, and Pacific.

 New Leadership for the Region
Each Regional organization is led by a Regional Vice-President and one Executive Committee Member Representative. Individuals are also named as country or subregional contacts to facilitate communications. In the Region of the Americas, Joanne Pearson (USA) has served as Regional Vice President. As of Council 2014, Jenny Schroeder (USA) will serve in this capacity (pictured at far right). Our Executive Committee Member Representative,Audrey Jones-Drayton from Barbados, will continue for the next twoyears (pictured on left).


All of us in the Region of the Americas thank Geraldene Hodelin, Jamaica, for her outstanding leadership and service to the IFHE, through her term of office as President of the International Federation for Home Economics (2008-2012). We look forward to her continuing participation in the region.

Dr. Geraldene B. HODELIN is the first Caribbean home economist to be elected President of the International Federation for Home Economics. Dr. HODELIN is a two time graduate of the University of Minnesota with a MA in Home Economics Education and a Ph.D. in Education. Her undergraduate work was completed at Ryerson University and Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto. She is recognized as a distinguished educator in Jamaica and up to August 2007 was the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies at the University of Technology, Jamaica. Currently she is Associate Professor and Director of the recently established U Tech Academy located in Trelawny.

Region report, June 2014

Regional Meetings
Regional Meetings are held during associated Council and Congresses, and can be called as independent meetings within the region. Our most current meeting was during the Council Meeting in London, Ontario,July 2014. The pictures below captures the pre-meeting gathering of members.

New Leadership for the Brazilian Home Economics Association.
During the Brazilian Association Meetings in Recife, Brazil, the New President of the Brazilian Association was introduced, SandeD’Avile. Brazil holds their business meetings/conferences every two years, and anyone in the Region is welcome to attend. In the photo below, Marbel Cardini,outgoing president stands next to Sande (center) and Regional Vice President, Joanne Pearson. Sande will serve as President from 2012-2014.

Canada hosted the IFHE Council Meetings in 2014
July 2014 ws the time for the IFHE Council Meetings. They are being sponsored by the Canada and Hamilton Home Economics Associations and held at University College Brescia - London, Ontario, Canada. London is located in southern Ontario between Toronto and Detroit. The meetings were held from 19-25 July, 2014. Joanne Mackie and Shirley Jones are co-chairs of the event. For a report of the Council (click ) here.


Connecting with Home Economists in Latin America
The region of the Americas covers an expansive area going from Canada on the north to Argentina in the south. Currently the membership in IFHE is limited to portions of the entire region--namely Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbadoes, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, and the British Virgin Islands.

One of the goals of the region is to expand the network of home economists/family consumer scientist in the region. However, since titles vary greatly from country to country, of special interest is contacts with professionals with similar training or work roles. Mouth to mouth communications is urged as professionals make contact with each other. Dues in the Federation are reduced for professionals from less economically developed nations, therefore membership in IFHE is encouraged. Also a special database is being developed to list professionals in the region with similar training. Such a database can encourage communications and the exchange of ideas. To participate in the database, contact Joanne Pearson <pearsojm@jmu.edu>